School ERP System

A fully customizable School ERP Clone Script System. Manage your Education Institution with the best flexible tool for Management.

School ERP Clone Script for your Business

A feature-packed Management software to seamlessly manage your School ERP Clone System.


View absolute Count details of Students, Total Employees, Total Course, Total Batch and subtleties of exercises done.


You can include course subtleties, Description, Attendance subtleties, Syllabus and Working Days for each. View subtleties of Courses and oversee them. You can alter or erase them.


Select Course Type, Batch Name, Dates and Number of Students for each cluster. View subtleties of bunch and oversee them. You can alter or erase them according to your benefit.


Select Course, Batch and Teacher for Each Batch who will be accessible for the Students. View subtleties of Teachers accessible for each course and clump. You can Edit or Delete them.


Enter Name and Description of Subjects you need to include. Enter a Unique Code for each Subject. View subtleties of Subject accessible. You can Edit or Delete them.

Assign Subject

Enter Name and Description of Subjects you need to include. Enter a Unique Code for each Subject. View subtleties of Subject accessible. You can Edit or Delete them.

Lesson Planning

Enter Name and Description of Subjects you need to include. Enter a Unique Code for each Subject. View subtleties of Subject accessible. You can Edit or Delete them.

Time Table

Select Course and Batch and enter a name for the table. Pick Days for which you need to set the time table.

Active Time Table

Select Course and Batch to veiw subtleties of Time Table. You can Activate and Deactivate the Timetable.

Working Hours

Select Department or Details of Subject to View subtleties of Teacher Working Hours.

Import & Export

Select Department or Details of Subject to View subtleties of Teacher Working Hours.

Set Term

You can set an Academic Term and Dates for which you need to set the term for.


You can set an Academic Term and Dates for which you need to set the term for.


Select Teacher or Students to whom you need to communicate something specific.


Add Schedule

Enter the Subject for which you need to include Schedule and Day, Teacher, Start and End Time of the Schedule.

Class Schedule

View subtleties of Class Schedule. You a read Schedule for Each Week which is accessible. You can include extra Schedule for each.


Administrator can Add Parents with their subtleties and a picture of them and connection them to the Particular understudy.

Import Export

Administrator can Add Parents with their subtleties and a picture of them and connection them to the Particular understudy.

Grade Levels

Include Grade Name and Description. Enter Grade Range and Point for each Grade.


Enter Material Name, Description and Upload Material File and Classes for whom the Material is appointed to. You can see List of Study Material and oversee them.


Enter Homework Title and Description of the work to be finished and Submission Date Details and Subject and Classes for whom the Homework is doled out.

News Board

Enter News Title and Description subtleties and Dates on which the New will be accessible. You can see List of News and oversee them.


Enter occasion subtleties, place and Type of occasions if its for Teachers, Parents or Students with Date and perceivability. You can see rundown of occasions accessible.

Payroll Management

Search Users to set Salary Base. enter Basic pay subtleties, recompenses, conclusions and Net Salary. You set Hours Base Rate also.


Include Invoice Details for every client, Date and Due Date of Invoice. You can see rundown of Invoices accessible. You can Export them as Excel and PDF.


Include Fees Type, for example, School Admission, Book Fees, Transportation Subscription Fees and so on.

Fee Allocation

Enter subtleties for Fee Allocation and select whom to allot it to i.e All Students, Class or Specific Students. You can see rundown of Fee Allocations done.

Fee Discount

Rundown Fee Discount, Description, Code and % or Amount of Discounts done. You can see rundown of Discounts accessible.


Enter Transport subtleties, Routes and Vehicles and Transportation Fare. You can see subtleties of Transports Added.


View Overall reports of Attendance, Statistics, Payment Reports, Expenses Reports and so forth.

Inventory Category

Enter Cateogry Title, Description and Image of Catrgory. View List of Categories included and oversee them.

Inventory Store

Enter Store Name and Description. You can see subtleties of Store Added and Manage them.

Inventory Supplier

Enter Details of Suppliers with Email, Contact Number and so on. You can see subtleties of Suppliers accessible and Export them in an Excel and PDF.

Inventory Item

Give a Unique Number for the Products. Enter Category, Item, Store subtleties and Quantity subtleties. You can see subtleties of Item included.

Sub-Admin Moderators

Administrator can make sub-administrators to deal with the business. Administrator can choose and give restricted access to sub-administrators to specific modules.

RTL Compatibility

Good composition with Right to Left language like Arabic or Hebrew and offers bidirectional help on all programs.


The whole client side of the content can be customzied to your preferred language. You can Add, Edit and Set Translations.


Add and Update Banners to Advertisement. These advertisements will at that point be exhibited to the Users perusing through your Website.

 Modernized Mobile Applications

With our School ERP System, You can completely transform your Ticketing Operations with a custom-build you need, Customer App and a powerful Admin panel to manage the business. Check our detailed Abhibus Clone Script Proposal for more details.

Integration of Crypto Currencies

We can Integrate any type of Crypto Currencies on Wallet, Recharge’s, Bill Payments, Utilities, and Travel Booking Etc

Gold – Bitcoin
Cash – Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Blockchain-based distributed computing platform & Operating System.

Bitcoin Gold is a Hard Fork that allows you to mine Bitcoin with GPU.

Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world. Easy for Merchants.

Enjin Coin

Digital currency that enables near instant, borderless transactions.

Monero, is a digital currency which is secure, private, and untraceable.

Enjin Coin is a token on the Ethereum Blockchain, for Gaming Industry.

Dash is Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere. Make instant payments online.


First global digital asset management platform based on Ethereum technology.

Enables financial inclusion through the public, decentralized OMG network.

Dagcoin is one of the fastest and most easy-to-use cryptocurrencies available.

Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency, enables you to send money online.”

What Support You Get ?

Our solution will be tailored to the unique needs of our Clients and packed with powerful features and integrations.

Fully Customizable

Our Abhibus Clone Script is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of the Clients.


Bug Support

If there are any bugs or issues you can report to us, we will work on in & Update the status of the work. This service will be provided free for the first year.

Licence For A Lifetime

Source Code for a lifetime license and one domain/ brand. With a one-off payment, your software will be covered for the duration of a lifetime.

Linux Server Installation

Web Panels will work smoothly in open source Linux Servers. You will be informed once the server configuration and hosting has been done by the technical team.

Open Source Database

We use MySQL, which is an open source and one of the safest databases. You will also have to pay minimal price for license renewal every year.


Our Scripts support International Payment Gateways, API with easy Installations of new ones as per the business needs.

Technical Support

We provide One Year Free Support, even non-technical entrepreneurs will be benefitted, we handle everything till everything is launched.

Open Source Code For Customization

We provide a 100% open source code that will allow all types of customization’s.

Launch Your Business with Us!

We will be available to launch all Apps and Web Panels for you on your Brand name on your Server & Play Stores in just 7-10 working Days

Detailed Analysis
Payment Integration

Interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering from Clients.

Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.

Notifications Integration
API Integration

Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup.

Support all API including International Platforms.

Server Setup & Backup
Security Compliance Check

On-premise deployment of the taxi-hailing solution for full data control.

Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

App Store Submissions
Support & Maintenance

Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Dedicated launching and technical support for smooth operations.

Technology & Solution Architecture

Our Abhibus Clone Script App developers have used a robust technology stack that can deliver a seamless booking experience to travelers and increase revenues for bus operators.

$ 1,500 USD /Onwards
$ 2,500 USD /Onwards
$ 1,500 USD /Onwards


User Module, Admin Module and Agent Module

Website and Android App

User Module, Guest User, Super Admin Module , Agent Module and Android App

Website Source with Android and iOS App

User, Guest User, Super Admin, Agent Modules, Android and iOS Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the server requirements for Abhibus Clone script ?

  • Any Linux Operating System
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL
  • PHP – 7.1
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

2. Is the Script Open Source ?

The Script is completely Open Source. Once purchased(on live), the source will be given to Clients. It can be customized as per their needs.

3. Will I get help in Installation of the Script ?

The Script will be hosted in our Server. On Final handover, if the Client has purchased his own server. It will be hosted in his/her server. We will help in Installation of the Script with your Cpanel or FTP.

4. What are the Payment Gateway’s the Scripts supports ?

Our Scripts supports all types of Payment Gateway, including International. So once Payment Gateway is provided from your side, We will integrate it for you.

5. Can API be Integrated ?

Yes. We Integrate API’s. Once the Client’s provide their preferred API. We will Integrate it for them. Minimum an API will be Integrated within a week.

6. Will you guide in usage of the Script ?

On Final handover, Documentation of all the Panels will be provided for better understanding. So even a Non-Tech person would find it easy to work with it.

7. Is it One Time Payment Process ?

UI, Features will be customized as per Client Requirement, and all these customization’s includes in the given cost. No Hidden or Extra Charges Occur.

8. What Support do I get ?

One Year Free Support will be given on purchasing of the Script. In this One Year small Customizations and Bug Fixing will be done.

9.Will I get help in getting API Provider ?

Once the Project starts, We will refer API Providers, so the Client will be in direct Contact with the Provider to get their preferred API.

10. Is the Script Available for Commercial Purpose ?

It is not available for Commercial Purposes. The script codes are not meant for Re-sell or Re-distribution. Infringement to which shall make you liable to legal actions.
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